Kyle Aaron Meiers

Interior Design Associate

Kyle Aaron has always been a dreamer. His exuberance for life is always present in his creative process.

Born in the San Francisco Area, he was surrounded by the cultural eclecticism and vibrancy of the region. Self-expression and exploration became a cornerstone in his principles. It inspired him to pursue the life of a performance artist. He spent years abroad soaking in the cultures of the world. From performing in the streets in Shanghai, to sailing the high seas of the Mediterranean.
Yearning for roots, he found solace in Barcelona where he discovered Antoni Gaudi’s masterful architectural works. The discovery triggered a desire to pursue a new creative endeavor of design. “Why not transform a space that you’re in every day into something that inspires you?”

His design process is centered on synergism. A partnership between creative and client to generate a uniquely earnest space with it’s own personality. With a worldly perspective, Kyle utilizes the full spectrum of color, texture, balance, and proportion to create neoteric spaces that represent each client’s own individuality. 

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